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BuxP is now 5 years old and has paid it’s members like clockwork since day one, it is one of the high earner sites with a business model different from all the other bux sites, as a matter of fact it’s the only successful high earner, except for neobux which recently adopted a business model close to the one of BuxP. So why is it so special? Well, firstly it doesn’t depend on member upgrades to survive like most bux sites, instead it makes money by having outside advertisers, which is the healthy PTC model. In essence advertisers pay this site to show you ads, which in turn pays you for viewing them. The member is paid with $0.001 per view and this is a price that advertisers are happily paying. This combined with a capable and devoted admin made buxP one of the Top 3 sites in the PTC Industry.

Why BuxP is not a scam

1. It’s online since May 2008. One of the most important tests a bux site has to pass is the longevity test.

2. It has a forum. Having a forum is very important and almost a standard thing now as most PTC sites have one. However if a site doesn’t have one or it has but is only viewable to members and not available to visitors it usually means that the site has something to hide and it’s a strong possibility that it will eventually become a scam. http://www.buxp.info/forum/ can be accessed by anyone.

3. All members of BuxP are paid and on time. You can find a huge collection of payment proofs in the forum http://www.buxp.info/forum/viewforum.php?f=5

4. It generates enough income from the sale of each ad to pay the amount promised to its members. The cost for 1000 clicks is $3 out of which $1.5 are paid to standard members. Of course for premium members more is being paid out (aprox $3) but thats’ a whole different story as there are so many variables with premium memberships.

5. It is rated as Elite by ptc-investigations which are one of the best sources for investigating PTC Sites.

6. There are many ways for you to make money with BuxP, including: clicking ads, clicking video ads, offers, video offers, surveys, affiliate commissions from advertising, referrals, and more

What we don’t like at BuxP

1. There are Adult ads on the site the good thing is that they have a category of their own and can be easily blocked form within your profile.

2. The minimum cashout is set at $7.99 which is a bit high in PTC standards.

Why BuxP may become a scam

1. There are no reasons to suggest that it may become a scam anytime soon

Do you need to click daily to get referral credit?no
Direct referral limitno limit
Can you increase your direct referral limit?N/A
Can you delete inactive direct referrals?N/A
Purchased referral cost$1.5 - $1 depending on the package you purchase
Purchased referral limitno limit
Upgrades range from$7.99 – $49.99
Minimum cashoutsAll cashouts are minimum $7.99 for AlertPay and $25 for PayPal
Payment processorsPayPal, AlertPay
Payment time30 business days
Advertising cost for 1000 ads$3 – $7 – $9
Number of Daily Ads$ For Ad ViewedYou With No refs/MonthReferral Earnings
33.3$0.006 - $0.001 average is $0.0012$1.1750%
$ For Referral Ad ViewBought Ref Pays ItselfYou+10 Refs per MonthYou+50 Refs per Month
$0.003 - $0.0005 average is $0.00062403 clicks | 72.1 days$6.99$30.29


Important note: All of the facts and earnings in this BuxP review are for Standard Memberships only. BuxP Premium Memberships are greatly improved and have greatly increased earnings. Although upgrading is a good idea you should always test before you invest and never invest in new sites because you risk loosing your investment.


  1. BuxP is good……but Onbux is better in my opinion.

    check it out!

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    Great information, I just bookmarked you.

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