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Neobux is one of the best PTC Sites. It is one of the sites that made history in the paid to click world and you don’t need to read this neobux review to know it, you’ll find lot’s of folks sharing this opinion. Now, it didn’t made history by being a scam, although you will find some who will tell you that it’s a scam. No, it made history by being the most professional, the most successful, the most reliable and the biggest earner for people like you and me. But perhaps more importantly than all the other factors combined neobux is the most trusted PTC Site ever to be created and more than 99% of people agree on this fact. The team behind the site is highly professional lead by a very capable admin that has literally revolutionized this industry. Neobux is now 5 years old has paid over $70 million to it’s members because your not being paid just to view ads but you have a lot more ways to earn money, like commissions for referral purchases, bonus ads to click for  special prizes, a complete offers section and much more. Like all legit PTC Sites it’s free to join.


Why neobux is not a scam

  • It’s online since 25th March 2008. Of course there are older PTC sites out there but the mater of fact is that no PTC site has that many users or more trustworthiness, or more popularity than neobux.
  • It has a forum. Having a forum is very important and almost a standard thing now as most PTC sites have one. However if a site doesn’t have one or it has but it can only be accessed by members and not available to visitors it usually means that the site has something to hide and it’s a strong possibility that it will eventually become a scam. can be accessed by anyone.
  • Payments are made instantly which suggests that the site is doing well and it has more than enough money to pay everyone.
  • All members of neobux are paid and on time. You can find a huge collection of payment proofs in the forum
  • It generates enough income from the sale of each ad to pay the amount promised to its members. The cost for 1000 clicks is $18 out of which $15 are paid to standard members. Of course for premium members more is being paid out ($20) but thats’ a whole different story as there are so many variables with premium memberships. The fact that it’s often called “the king” of PTC sites suggests the end result ;)
  • It is rated as Elite by ptc-investigations which are one of the best sources for investigating PTC Sites.
  • Much more ways to earn money than the Paid To Click section


What we don’t like at neobux

  • Rented referrals. Some people complain that it’s hard to make a profit by using the rent referral system.


Why neobux may become a scam

  • There are no reasons to suggest that it may become a scam anytime soon

Do you need to click daily to get referral credit?yes 4 ads
Direct referral limit30
Can you increase your direct referral limit?Depending on how many days you’ve been registered, all those days, minus the first 30, will count towards a limit increase. For Standard members = Days-30 divided by 4 For example, if you have been registered for 330 days: 30 + (300/4) = 105
Can you delete inactive direct referrals?yes, and you can also sell them
Rented referral cost$0.20
Rented referral limit300
Upgrades range from$90 – $980
Minimum cashoutsThe first cashout is minimum $2.00. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00.
Payment processorsPayPal, AlertPay, NETELLER
Payment timeInstant
Advertising cost for 1000 ads$2 - $9 – $18 – $34
Number of Daily Ads$ For Ad ViewedYou With No refs/MonthReferral Earnings
13$0.001$0.3950% of fixed (orange) ads
$ For Referral Ad ViewRented Ref Pays ItselfYou+10 Refs per MonthYou+50 Refs per Month
$0.000540 clicks | 10 days$0.99$3.39

Monthly Statistics

Number of Daily AdsYou With No refs/MonthYou+10 Refs per MonthYou+50 Refs per Month


Important note: All of the facts and earnings in this neobux review are for Standard Memberships only. neobux Premium Memberships are greatly improved and have greatly increased earnings. Although upgrading is a good idea you should always test before you invest and never invest in new sites because you risk loosing your investment.


  1. taylor hudyma

    My Blog has everything you need to get started making money online for FREE!. Links, instructions, and all questions answered. Also the top 3 most reliable, FREE, GPT sites on the web! (from my own personal experiences over 3 years ok?). I avg about 200-300 dollars a month from #1 and about 25$ each on method # 2,3 but only because I have basically just started.Now enjoy and STICK with it is my best advice! If your from US you can profit a ton due to so many offers available to you!

  2. EarnMoneyOnline2 Forum

    I have a bad experience with Neobux, Had 100′s of direct referrals and got my account canceled after my email got hacked. No understanding there, they are not a good site in my opinion but they do pay there members.

  3. I think many people does not tolerate the truth.
    NeoBux is like a job, you have to believe in it and you have to put in determination, ambition and devotion, just like everybody should do in a daily job.
    I’m a NeoBux user since April 2011, and I already earned more than $40, and it’s always increasing, every single day.
    This is just like the internet gurus speech, and it’s true.
    This is a residual income.
    This is a home based business.
    Everybody should follow me and my strategy, because every single person could earn lots of money with NeoBux.

    You can follow my strategy and tips about NeoBux in my blog.
    In this blog I talk about the attitude or behavior that everyone should do in this PTC service, and I give also some tips, infos and calculations about this PTC service.
    NeoBux is the best Paid To Click service in the world of internet, and you sould take it and enjoy it.

    Congrats to the Admin of NeoBux, to the owner of this page and to all the people that make NeoBux possible!
    Good luck to you all!

  4. Neobux is great made a lot of cash! Please use my referral link [link removed] My username is xAleksx


  5. Neobux is awesome! I signed up 7 days ago and already have made $4.00!! You need to have patience with this site and you will definitely be able to earn $.

  6. Neobux really pays. I have received several payment and am very satisfied

  7. matthew

    neobux is actally crap
    i dont know why everyone thinks its so good
    you get paid like one tenth or fifth of a cent and only a few ads per day lol
    if anyone wants a good ptc that actually w☼rks try logiptc. link below

    [link removed]

    or is also not so bad [note by admin - bux3 is scam, just do a google search]

    oh yeah and those screenshots that people make about them getting paid like $10000 from neobux are fake screenshots
    its much easier to fake a screenshot than somebody would think
    and anyway a maximum normal transaction on paypal is like $3000 so you couldn’t get paid $10000

    bye i hope you people who read this take my advice about logiptc


    • I understand that you are upset on the neobux staff for lowering the click rates, so you make some negative publicity, I have no problem with that. is a very old and well known scam, I’m surprised you “know” so much about PTC’s and you don’t know ho to avoid getting scammed.

      About faking neobux screenshots, you can receive that amount of money via Paypal by having a business account and do you really think neobux needs fake payment proofs?

  8. neobux is authentic… it never fails to pay… however the drawback is that it doesn’t pay as much anymore… if you are looking for a better paying online site there still are some few legitimate site, cashcrate for example.

    its legitimate, pays on time and has higher payment than most online sites, don’t give your credit card info when you complete the offers though….

  9. I don’t believe this NEObux site. I reged is 1 month ago. But after a day. If i am login. is auto logout. And i can’t login. can’t send support tickets for them. And i find how to email for them. told my problem. But there staff told me. If you need support service. login you account send support ticket. That;s so funny. I can’t login. How send to you support tickets. I send back this mail. after is nothing. I never use cheat. and change ip address to login myaccount. just finish click ads after logout.It’s normal. But Tafter day I can’t login my accont to now. Is one month late.

    • I’m sorry but I can’t really understand what you are trying to say but I think you have been temporary suspended for inactivity (you haven’t logged in more than 30 consecutive days). If that’s the case there shouldn’t be a problem getting your account back if you send them a ticket, as you can do this even if you don’t have an account with them. In the beginning I also had my account suspended for inactivity and had no problem recovering it using their support system, I even got back my direct referrals.

    • I am unable to login since June 3rd 2011. Whenever I click login icon the page never displayed. When I tried from another system at a far place I got log in. Send an email but they need support ticket how can i send without logging in. What should be done?

      • If you manage to login from any other computer and send them a support ticket you will receive an answer in your e-mail as well. Send them a support ticket and wait for a reply in your e-mail, you can continue talking with them via your e-mail.

  10. Pervaiz

    yES … nEOBUX PAYS … visit my blog to earn from world’s best PTC sites …

  11. Hasitha

    I like both NeoBux and Cashcrate. It’s not easy to earn with them but they do pay.

  12. NeoBux is good……but Onbux is way better in my opinion.

    check it out!

  13. Yes neobux is really paying

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