ClixZing Review – Not Scam

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ClixZing is one PTC Site which looks amazing on paper. If things would be in reality as good as they are on paper this PTC Site would be a goldmine even for the average user. However they aren’t, and the reason is that advertising on ClixZing is too expensive compared to the extremely low cost advertising of aurora and some PTC Sites. At $27.95 for 1000 ads it’s impossible to compete with sites that sell 1000 ads with $0.5

The site was a big success for the owners and members alike but only in the first few months of its launch just like it happened with other sites launched within this network. It still pays it’s members but at $20 minimum cashout its going to be hard to actually receive the money, but hey if you do you’ve just got 10 times more money than from a classic PTC.

Let’s see why ClixZing would be a gold mine for its users if only they would’ve had advertisements each and every day. Unlike the average PTC which only pays commissions for the clicks your referrals make ClixZing pays you a commission for every dollar your referral has spent in purchasing advertising or upgrading memberships and of course for the clicks he makes. However the best part is that you get paid all these commissions not just on your first level of referrals but up to 10 levels deep. And when you think about it the average bux/PTC only pays commissions for the clicks your 1st level of referrals make and to top it off they do not allow you to have more than 10-20 direct referrals but with ClixZing you can have an unlimited amount of direct referrals which truly makes this program one of a kind. A few more things to be noted are the fact that you get some advertising credits when you sign up as a free members (check the Facts table for more info) and the fact there are lot’s of video tutorials and even webinars to help newcomers understand the site better.

On and all ClixZing is a good PTC Sites because just like ClixSense and MatrixMails it has residual income. Stop promoting it and you have hundreds of people (your downline) that will promote the program for you. This is the beauty of these three programs – residual income.

Why ClixZing is Not a Scam

  • Payments are made weekly on Fridays which suggests that the site is doing well and it has more than enough money to pay everyone.
  • All members of ClixZing are paid and on time. You can find a huge collection of payment proofs throughout the Internet. Here is a Google Search
  • It generates enough income from the sale of each ad to pay the amount promised to its members. The cost for 1000 clicks is $27.95 out of which $17.75 are paid to standard members and up to $27 to premium members.
  • It has many positive reviews throughout the Internet.
  • Secure server connection. Your sensitive login data are transferred through a secure connection.
  • The admin also owns a few other successful PTC Sites SchnaapKlicks and KlickBuck. This means that he knows what a PTC Business means and chances that ClixZing will close or scam are much lower.

What we don’t like at ClixZing

  • Few ads. The site was a huge success at the launch but as the weeks months gone by fewer and fewer ads were available to click, sometimes even no ads at all.
  • Captcha after every ad. But this proves that only real people are going to see the ads so more advertisers will purchase clicks meaning more money to the average user.
  • They do not have a forum. Even though maintaining a forum can be sometimes difficult in the PTC industry it is always a good think to have a forum.

Why ClixZing may become a scam

  • There are no reasons to suggest that it may became a scam anytime soon.
Do you need to click daily to get referral credit?No
Direct referral limitNo limit
Rented referral costNo rented referrals
Upgrades$4.95 | $12.95 | $19.95 | $29.95 | $49.95 | $995 | $2495
Minimum cashouts$20 for standard members
Payment processorsAlertPay
Payment timeEvery Friday
Advertising cost for 1000 adsPTR 11.95 | PTC $27.95
MLM/Matrix systemWith ClixZing's unique commission system you can get paid all the way to the 10th, both for the click commission and for the upgrades your referrals will be purchasing. However only upgraded members will get the maximum benefits, still upgrades start very cheap and you can see how much money you could be making as an upgraded member so you know when it worth upgrading to the next level.
Bonus AdvertisingWhen you sign up you get
2500 banner ads
2500 text ads
25 PTC Ads
Number of Daily Ads$ For Ad ViewedYou With No refs/MonthReferral Earnings
6$0.015$2.75% on first level
$ For Referral Ad ViewRented Ref Pays ItselfYou+10 Refs per MonthYou+50 Refs per Month
$0.0008No renting or buying available$4.05$9.45

Important note: All of the facts and earnings in this ClixZing review are for Standard Memberships only. ClixZing Premium Memberships are greatly improved and have greatly increased earnings. Although upgrading is a good idea you should always test before you invest and never invest in new sites because you risk loosing your investment.

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