InfinityBux Review – NOT Scam, Yet

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InfinityBux was the first Buxhost site we have reviewed because it was the first one with a clean reputation and a good record of paying its members. Since then many things have changed primarily because the site uses the BUX model which although provides bigger earnings for the users it’s a more risky business model. To compensate for this and to have a steady cash flow the admin opened more sites but sooner than later all the sites in this network got in debt and payments started to be delayed. Add to the mix payment processor problems like a limited PayPal account and the problems that AlertPay has and you get a network of PTC sites that could crash at any time.

The admin is trying to get his sites back on track and pay the members that are waiting the payment even from November (at the time of updating this review in April) but as you’d expect he also uses some unconventional methods like banning members when they don’t fully deserve it, censoring the forum, using the internal message system to promote scams just to make a bit more cash, for a brief period he even charged $100 for sending a support ticket. I don’t about you but to me these are signs that this network is on the downhill and i don’t recommend it.


Why InfinityBux is Not a Scam

  • It’s online since July 2010. This PTC site had some glorious days but those are long gone.
  • The site still pays but has delays which are growing bigger and bigger.


What we don’t like at InfinityBux

  • It uses the script for BuxHost which is known for hosting only scam sites. There have been thousands of PTC Sites launched using this service and only two of them worth your time and investment.
  • The admin owns a lot of site and doesn’t have time to properly administrate all of them. He is not responding to support tickets from older sites.
  • Lot’s of changes to the TOS including raised minimum cashout to $10.00, limiting the amount of money you can make from you referrals and some more.


Why InfinityBux may become a scam

  • Payments are behind, some members are waiting for payment from November 2011 (as I update this review it’s April 2012).
  • The forum is moderated. The posts of members that are complaining are being deleted.
  • More and more people complain about this network for various reasons.
  • The admin promoted scam sites by abusing the message system of his own sites.
This data is not accurate anymore as the admin has changed many of these facts.

Do you need to click daily to get referral credit?Yes
Direct referral limit55
Can you increase your direct referral limit?No
Can you delete inactive direct referrals?Yes at the cost of $0.10 per referral
Bought referral cost$2.5
Bought referral limit20
Upgrades range from$9.95 | $27.95 | $49.95 | $89.95
Minimum cashoutsThe minimum cashout is $4.00
Payment processorsAlertPay
Payment timeInstant
Advertising cost for 1000 ads$10
This data is not accurate anymore as the admin has changed many of these facts.

Number of Daily Ads$ For Ad ViewedYou With No refs/MonthReferral Earnings
$ For Referral Ad ViewBought Ref Pays ItselfYou+10 Refs per MonthYou+50 Refs per Month
$0.00251000 clicks | 250 days$4.73$18.23

Important note: All of the facts and earnings in this InfinityBux review are for Standard Memberships only. InfinityBux Premium Memberships are greatly improved and have greatly increased earnings. Although upgrading is a good idea you should always test before you invest and never invest in new sites because you risk loosing your investment.

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  1. Yeah this is a really good website! Have been paid out over 4 times already!

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