AyuWage Review – NOT Scam

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Join AyuWage - Get Piad! AyuWage is one of the high earners but boy, is it not so user friendly. It looks like a site made by computer geeks for computer geeks and I dare to say, before the web 2.0 era. Leaving the first impressions aside AyuWage is a PTC Site different than all the others. Firstly your earnings are expressed in points but you will always see them expressed in points and US$. You can use those points to cashout or to purchase advertisements, banner ads, rent referrals etc. Of course, you can buy more credits if you wish to. Another unique feature is that you can rent your referrals to other members at the price you set and obviously you can rent referrals from other players or unreferred. But the absolute best feature is the earnings potential and if you don’t excel at getting referrals or you do AyuWage can be your highest earner. You can use their toolbar to never loose and ad. Go to the earnings tab to see it’s earnings potential.

Why AyuWage is Not a Scam

  • It’s online since March 2010. One of the most important test a PTC Site has to pass is the test of time, AyuWage has passed it
  • They Have a forum. A forum is very important and almost a standard thing now as most PTC sites have one. However if a site doesn’t have one or it has but it can only be accessed by members and not available to visitors it usually means that the site has something to hide and it’s a strong possibility that it will eventually become a scam. http://members.ayuwage.com/community.php can be accessed by anyone.
  • Payments are made weekly on mondays which suggests that the site is doing well and it has more than enough money to pay everyone.
  • All members of AyuWage are paid and on time. You can find a huge collection of payment proofs throughout on their forum
  • It generates enough income from the sale of each ad to pay the amount promised to its members. The cost for 1000 clicks is $9.7 out of which $5.5 are paid to standard members.
  • It is rated as Legit by ptc-investigations which are one of the best sources for investigating PTC Sites.
  • It has many positive reviews throughout the Internet
  • The admin also owns a successful advertising site ayuads.com. This means that he knows what advertising means and as a direct result there are over 50 ads for standard members out of which worth of $0.005 and $0.015.

What we don’t like at AyuWage

  • No timer on the ads you click yet you must stay 10 or 20 seconds on each site. If you fail to do so you will get one warning, at more than 3 warnings accumulated in 48 hours your account will be suspended. This can me a big pain in the @$$ when you’re browsing more PTC Sites at the same time especially because on most ads you are required to click a link within the site you are visiting. We hate it.
  • The layout of the site takes a while to get used to.
  • You are required to click advertisements on the sites you visit. This is against programs like adsense because you are robbing the people that paid for those ads.

Why AyuWage may become a scam

  • There are no reasons to suggest that it may became a scam anytime soon. The suspension rate can be higher than on other PTC Sites so you will find more members complaining they got suspended but that’s just how AyuWage works, you have to be extra careful when clicking here. The high earnings come with some level of risk.
Do you need to click daily to get referral credit?
Direct referral limitNo limit
Rented referral cost$0.012
Keep in mind that the referrals are rented only for a week and all the unrefered members are available for renting, including dead ones. You can't extend you referrals.
Rented referral limitNo limit
Upgrades range fromNo upgrades avaleble
Minimum cashoutsThe first cashout is minimum $5.00
Payment processorsPayPal, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve
Payment time24 to 72 hours but it might take up to 7 days
Advertising cost for 1000 ads$9.72 there are more advertising costs but we don't see them
Extra FeaturesUse the points earned to buy anything on AyuWage
Rent your referrals to other members
Click hundreds of ads daily
You can actually earn much more if you use the toolbar and click every new ad.

Number of Daily Ads$ For Ad ViewedYou With No refs/MonthReferral Earnings
46$0.001 to $0.015
Average is $0.003
$ For Referral Ad ViewRented Ref Pays ItselfYou+10 Refs per MonthYou+50 Refs per Month
$0.0001 to $0.0015
Average is $0.0003
46 clicks | 1 days
keep in mind that dead refs are sold as well

Important note: All of the facts and earnings in this AyuWage review are for Standard Memberships only. AyuWage Premium Memberships are greatly improved and have greatly increased earnings. Although upgrading is a good idea you should always test before you invest and never invest in new sites because you risk loosing your investment.

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  1. Please tel me how can i cashout from this site where si cashout button? please help me out and how can i come to know that how many points are equat to one dollar ?

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