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This list is not the average “Best PTC Sites List” it’s a TOP 10 of the most trusted high earners in the PTC Industry. We dedicate most of our time researching and tracking how many ads are available on each site and based on that we make the necessary calculations to obtain the values listed in our reviews. The tables are updated every Sunday and contain the overall statistics since we have started tracking.

The PTC Sites are listed with the highest earner starting at the top and the lowest at the bottom.

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ClixSense Review – Not Scam

Join ClixSense - Get Piad!I just joined ClixSense and it’s already my all time favorite PTC Site. Why? Ahh, I need a few posts to write down this answer, I’ll try to keep it short though. The bottom line is that they have the absolute best management in the PTC Industry (sorry neobux admin, you’re on a close second) but more importantly they focus all their attention to us, their regular users. Since I’m eager to say a few (more) good things about ClixSense I’ll quote a message that emphasizes why it’s the greatest PTC Site better than I ever could:

[quote]ClixSense Member, Did you know….

ClixSense doesn’t set any limits on the amount of ads you can view per day. CS doesn’t set any limits on the amount of direct referrals you can have. CS doesn’t make you wait to do certain things like refer others. CS was the company that started the PTC craze in 2007. CS has some of the lowest advertising rates in the industry. CS doesn’t charge a ridiculous amount of money to upgrade your account. CS has no maximum cashout. If you can make it, we will pay it! CS doesn’t have multiple membership levels, why pay more when you don’t have to? CS doesn’t use a cheap purchased script to run our business, our site is 100% custom built by OUR employed developers. CS doesn’t use a shared hosting server, we have multiple dedicated servers. CS doesnt hide behind a privacy protect when you look at who owns the domain, we have nothing to hide.

Why are we telling you this? Simple, with new PTC and bux sites coming online everyday you have no idea who you are dealing with and what their intentions are.
With ClixSense, you know us and trust us. We want you to be successful online with us and not be taken by a startup that is here today and gone tomorrow.[/quote].. Click the big red button to continue reading and learn exactly how much you can earn with ClixSense.

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BuxP Review – NOT Scam

Join BuxP - Get Paid!

BuxP is now 3 years old and has paid it’s members like clockwork since day one, it is one of the high earner sites with a business model different from all the other bux sites, as a matter of fact it’s the only successful high earner, except for neobux which recently adopted a business model close to the one of BuxP. So why is it so special? Well, firstly it doesn’t depend on member upgrades to survive like most bux sites, instead it makes money by having outside advertisers, which is the true bux model. In essence advertisers pay this site to show you ads, which in turn pays you for viewing them. The member is paid with $0.001 per view and this is a price that advertisers are happily paying. This combined with a capable and devoted admin made buxP one of the Top 3 sites in the PTC Industry… Click the read more button to continue reading.

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Neobux Review – NOT Scam

Join Neobux - Get Piad!
Neobux is one of the best PTC Sites. It is one of the sites that made history in the paid to click world and you don’t need to read this neobux review to know it, you’ll find lot’s of folks sharing this opinion. Now, it didn’t made history by being a scam, although you will find some who will tell you that it’s a scam (they may also state that Elivis is still alive) no, it made history by being the most professional, the most successful, the most reliable and the biggest earner for people like you and me. But perhaps more importantly than all the other factors combined neobux is the most trusted PTC Site ever to be created and more than 99% of people agree on this fact. The team behind the site is highly professional lead by a very capable admin that has literally revolutionized this industry. Neobux is now 4 years old has paid over $40 million to it’s members and counting. Like all legit PTC Sites it’s free to join… Click the big red button to read more.

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IncraseBux Review – NOT Scam

Join IncraseBux - Get Paid!Incrasebux is one of the old and trusted PTC Sites with a nice slick design and a very good reputation despite the fact that there are some restrictive cashout rules. Now unlike the average PTC that scams after it imposes additional cashout rules Incrasebux has overcome this stage a long time ago and it does not use these rules as a reason to stop paying and run with the money, the real reason of these rules is to add stability and longevity to the site and as we can see it’s one of the very few Legit sites that still has pretty big click rates and the only one that has 5 fixed advertisements. If you have a decent amount of direct referrals it’s worth the money to upgrade as an investment here would be a long therm investment, in terms of PTC… Click the read more button to continue reading.

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MatrixMails Review – NOT Scam

Join MatrixMails - Get paid!At first sight MatrixMails seems to be the somewhat average PTC Site with the (great) added bonus of the matrix like referral system. Your personal income is from clicking ads ($0.005/ad) and reading e-mails ($0.01/mail) in the MatrixMails own e-mail inbox, that’s right you won’t receive the e-mails in your inbox unless you want to. So it seems that the only unique feature is the referral system which allows you to earn money on 6 levels (you’ll earn money from the views of your referrals referrals) and from an unlimited number of referrals. But if you dig bit deeper you will find two more amazing features. No1 is the profit limit guarantee which says that if you haven’t made 125% to 200% return on investment you will get your paid membership extended (you’d have to send a support ticket). Where have you seen that feature in the PTC World? Absolutely nowhere. And the best part is that memberships start at $5. Second amazing feature is the Matrix behind the PTC site, to which have access only upgraded members. You do have to pay more than $5 but still an insanely low price for the benefits you get besides the matrix position: 6 months Silver membership, Lifetime matrix upgrade, free advertising credits and free referrals. The price is on the upgrades page, visit it and see all the other benefits like double the referral commissions on all six levels, $0 minimum cashout and a few more.

All in all MatrixMails is one of my favorite PTC Sites if not the most favorite due to its high earning potential, great features, excellent value for money and brilliant management… Click the read more button to continue reading.

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AyuWage Review – NOT Scam

Join AyuWage - Get Piad! AyuWage is one of the high earners but boy, is it so not user friendly. It looks like a site made by computer geeks for computer geeks and I dare to say, before the web 2.0 era. Leaving the first impressions aside AyuWage is a PTC Site different than all the others. Firstly your earnings are expressed in points but you will always see them expressed in points and US$. You can use those points to cashout or to purchase advertisements, banner ads, rent referrals etc. Of course, you can buy more credits if you wish to. Another unique feature is that you can rent your referrals to other members at the price you set and obviously you can rent referrals from other players or unreferred. But the absolute best feature is the earnings potential and if you don’t excel at getting referrals or you do AyuWage can be your highest earner. You can use their toolbar to never loose and ad. Go to the earnings tab to see it’s earnings potential… Click the big red button to continue reading and learn exactly how much you can earn with AyuWage

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JillsClickCorner Review – NOT Scam

Join JillsClickCorner - Get Piad!<-- ClickOn the Image to visit The Site

JillsClickCorner is part of a very successful network of sites that include: DonkeyMails, No-minimum, MyFreeShares and many more. The site is online since March 2006 so it has a respectable age for a PTC, the downside is that the design looks even older but many sites have an outdated design so this is not a major flaw by anyone's measure. Although the earnings per day are not as high as I would've expected in the first day we made $0.10 because there are many ads that you can click only once and because the advertiser can set the number of days until members can click again on the same ad. You can also earn Game Tokens which you can exchange for amazon gift cards, memberships or PTC Advertising. There are lot's of payment processors and the minimum cashout starts at $0.10. Be careful when signing up to use accurate and complete information, failure to comply may lead to a ban when you request a cashout.

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ClixZing Review – Not Scam

Join ClixZing - Get Piad!⇐ Join ClixZing, Get Piad!

ClixZing is one PTC Site which looks amazing on paper. If things would be in reality as good as they are on paper this PTC Site would be a goldmine even for the average user. However they aren’t, and the reason is that advertising on ClixZing is too expensive compared to the extremely low cost advertising of aurora and some PTC Sites. At $27.95 for 1000 ads it’s impossible to compete with sites that sell 1000 ads with $0.5

The site was a big success for the owners and members alike but only in the first few months of its launch just like it happened with other sites launched within this network. It still pays it’s members but at $20 minimum cashout its going to be hard to actually receive the money, but hey if you do you’ve just got 10 times more money than from a classic PTC.

Let’s see why ClixZing would be a gold mine for its users if only they would’ve had advertisements each and every day. Unlike the average PTC which only pays commissions for the clicks your referrals make ClixZing pays you a commission for every dollar your referral has spent in purchasing advertising or upgrading memberships and of course for the clicks he makes. However the best part is that you get paid all these commissions not just on your first level of referrals but up to 10 levels deep. And when you think about it

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InfinityBux Review – NOT Scam, Yet

Join InfinityBux - Get Piad!

<–ClickOn the image to Visit InfinityBux

InfinityBux is the first Buxhost site we are reviewing because it’s the first one with a clean reputation and it’s online and paying for more than a year. There is another highly reputable BuxHost site TVIPTC, which is owned by the same admin. The earnings you can make here are pretty decent your own ads are worth $0.01 and you earn $0.0025 per referral with a maximum of 55 referrals for standard members. Their PayPal account has been limited because scamers/hackers used other people’s account to make purchases so PayPal shut down the InfinityBux’s account to stop the hackers, they sure are professional… Click the big red button to continue reading and learn exactly how much you can earn with InfinityBux

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